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What's Trending?

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“What’s trending?” A question recently posed to us by a writer for a local publication. Trending, usually associated with the hype on social media, had us reflecting back on all the amazing projects we’ve supplied material for over the past year, and then some. While we provided an extensive list of trending ideas carried out in new construction, renovation, and remodeling in both, residential and commercial development, the big picture of what’s trending?… using architectural salvage!

Using salvaged, reclaimed architectural elements is sustainable, ecological and fundamentally the materials are better, stronger and far more durable. Most importantly, our nation’s architectural history is preserved, especially when the material is supported with provenance. Those two elements in combination are what’s trending.

The use of architectural antiques is largely driven by committed homeowners, business owners, developers and architects who insist on maximizing their budget and recognizing that they can use real, historic material rather than reproductions. We work with many conscientious architects, designers and builders who willingly exercise creative thought process to achieve the clients vision while staying within budget.

Our knowledge and services are being called upon more than ever by those who wish and insist on taking a more active role in their build process to create a home, workplace or gathering place that preserves their own legacy.

CMAS considers each project to be an individual work of art. Each one of our clients wishes to express their thoughtfulness and creativity. This is a shift away from common practices. Working together to select and incorporate unique architectural elements, creates a place that inspires and reflects a personal lifestyle.

Brenda Haines and Heidi Strand, owners and founders of Blue Door Consulting, a marketing consultant web developer and graphic design firm in Oshkosh, WI absolutely have a finger on the pulse of what’s trending. Their company has grown exponentially in the last 15 years, resulting in a move to a larger location. Their commitment to Oshkosh, it’s history and forward progress brought them to our doors. Their insistence and determination for using our salvaged material, knowledge and services speaks to their daily mission, “Seize the day. Share the love.” They truly live by this code and their “core values of brutal honesty, collaboration, responsibility and idea-producing with a long-term approach.”

Their new home away from home, formerly a mill, south of the river, acquired by Henry P. Schmidt and operated as the H.P. Schmidt Milling Co. from 1886 until 1982. From 1984 to 2004, new owners of the site converted the building into a restaurant known as the Granary, a fixture on the local dining scene, also where J and I had our first date. In 2007, the building was briefly revived as the Element Night Club.

The design and material we provided for this project included 7000 board feet of mixed hardwood beams we salvaged from a barn on the east side of Lake Winnebago, then milled for flooring, beams for structural support and mantel, oak doors with transom windows in jambs and hardware salvaged from a convent, 200+ square feet of slate from chalkboards we salvaged from Waupaca Central School, 150+ factory floor and floor joists we salvaged from the Buckstaff Factory

Brenda and Heidi, friends and business partners, have created a place that inspires, reflects a very personal lifestyle and will ultimately be their legacy. Cheers!