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HH Hinder Brewing Co, Waupaca, WI

This project update is brought to you by way of HH Hinder Brewing Co., Waupaca, WI
Your Hosts, Jackie and Mike Stroik

November 2022, we had the privilege of providing more material for the Stroik's newest project. After unloading salvaged chalkboard slate, we grabbed a Hinder and enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of what Jackie and Mike have brewing next!

Why salvaged chalkboard slate? We salvage slate from antique schools. It is a natural stone, can be used on floors, walls, countertops, showers, fireplace surrounds and hearths, etc!! The real beauty of antique, salvaged slate is the natural, wavy side/the backside of a chalkboard! Oftentimes, as seen in the photos of slate in our PRODUCTS, the backside is stamped or even better, handwritten identification for installation, usually including classroom numbers! Additionally, it’s EASY to cut! And EASY to install!

Jackie has an amazing, unique, creative talent for design and dedication to using salvaged, reclaimed material. Back in 2017, we worked together to provide salvaged trims, doors, windows, etc for the first build-out.

A few words from Mike, borrowed from HH Hinder Brewing Co.’s website…

“It all started when I was drinking beer with my buddies back in my 20’s and I said I was going to open HINDERS – the opposite of HOOTERS. Over the years, lots of jokes involved my vision of HINDERS. In 2017, I decided to more seriously look at checking that item off my bucket list. I started researching Wisconsin cities that never in history had a brewery. To my surprise Waupaca was one of them. I grew up in Amherst so that even strengthened that possibility more. After exploring several buildings for HINDER to call home, I decided on 804 Churchill Street. I pledged my assets and demolition commenced and renovation followed. Well sort of, except my wife Jackie said I couldn’t use just the name HINDER…I had to class it up a bit. So, I thought more about it, and figured, why not name it after my two favorite guys in the whole world…my dad Howard, and my father-in-law Harold?! And from that H.H. Hinder Brewing Co. was born!”

Jackie and Mike are truly extraordinary entrepreneurs, and just simply nice people!

Go grab yourself a Hinder!