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Lake Home, Montello, WI

Lake Home, Montello, WI
Summer 2020
(Historical note - uncertain times in the throes of Covid-19 outbreak, lock down in March with subsequent supply chain issues for manufactured goods)

New Construction, built to entertain and showcase family heirlooms alongside treasured keepsakes. Modern conveniences with a nod of respect to history and a shared past.

Sitting down with our clients,
walking through initial blueprints,
listening closely,
appreciation and respect,
creativity, experience, and expertise.
More ideas!
More sketching!
More “I LOVE IT!”
Let the fun begin!
A list,
salvaged, reclaimed material to incorporate.
Beams salvaged from Waite Grass Carpet Co.
for 3200 square feet of mixed hardwood, plank flooring
for Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Mud Room and Piano Room,
plus fifteen stair treads,
and the piece de resistance,
one massive beam
for Great Room ceiling!
de-metal, skin, cut, kiln dry, mill, transport, deliver.
The Montello Lake Home

Stylistically, our plank floor can be paired with fixtures and furnishings that span industrial and rustic to elegant and refined. While many of our customers, both residential and commercial, choose this style of floor for its strength, durability and visual appeal, no two can ever be the same! And like your favorite pair of old jeans, our floor has history and becomes a personal work of art that cannot be duplicated.

With our commitment to preserving history and heritage, we work directly with you to help create your one-of-a-kind art floor. Some of the unique factors to consider as we work together are:
1) the percentage of timber frame characteristics
2) surface texture - the percentage of rough sawn, skip-plane, smooth
3) percentage of identifiable patina such as nail and peg holes, checking, staining, etc
4) board widths
5) creative patterns such as borders, inserts, full floor designs, etc
Your art floor will be timeless!

When incorporating reclaimed, salvaged wood into your project, the cost savings is long-term. Consider this - many of our new house construction customers amortize construction costs, including the flooring, over the life of their mortgage. The flooring you choose is an integral part of construction, much like framing materials, windows, insulation, roof, etc. Good decisions on the front end eliminate additional costs and inconveniences in the future. When you use our Rock Elm plank floor, it never loses fashion and fad, never needing to be replaced, timeless. You have created an heirloom that is valued by generations. An heirloom that appreciates in value is always the best investment!

Antique woods are a sustainable, ecological choice, using existing wood in your project and saving new living trees. Salvaged posts, beams and timbers are historical, centuries old, virgin growth timber making it fundamentally stronger and more durable than new wood. Naturally organic, and bursting with character without any effort, the collage of old wood is always a masterpiece, inspired by mother nature’s true beauty.

Our knowledge and services are being called upon more than ever by those who wish and insist on taking a more active role in their build process to create a home, workplace or gathering place that preserves their own legacy.

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