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This one is special !!

This one is special!! It’s family - for their dream come true - the Hideaway! - featuring our salvaged Rock Elm plank flooring, stair treads and window sills!

Congratulations, Dave and Karen!! We're so happy for you! Thank you for including us in your project!!

Our hand-selected Rock Elm salvaged plank flooring is produced from salvaged barn beams to flooring entirely by our company for one client at a time. We specifically search for antique barns for this rare wood species in areas the groves once grew, North of the snowbelt.

After salvaging the entire barn, the carrier beams and sleeper beams are de-metaled by hand, then sawn into flooring blanks using antique circle head-saws and band-saws. Next, the selected blanks are transported to a kiln, then through the high precision mill machine where it is transformed into beautiful three-quarter inch full thickness tongue and groove flooring.

Interestingly, this wood species was rarely used in upright timber framing. When these giants grew they were so hard and dense that they were deemed by early settlers to be too difficult and heavy for uprights but were perfect for the carrier beams that the entire barn was built on. Additionally, through the aging process the beams have actually become harder.

The unique nature of Rock Elm’s grain pattern makes it an extremely stable wood product, extremely resistant to water and moisture. For this reason, Rock Elm is an ideal wood option for kitchens and bathrooms, and PETS!

Rock Elm flooring is milled from salvaged barn carrier and sleeper beams, resulting in very few mortise pockets and peg holes. There are some rare occasions as the barn was being built that a mortise pocket, peg holes or nails were necessary for perhaps rungs of a ladder, hooks for tools, etc. AND on the very rare occasion, we'll be lucky enough to discover spalting during the cutting process. You'll notice these rare features are showcased and highlighted during the installation to celebrate the history, heritage and preservation of our American Midwest Barn.

Thank you, Dwight, for your special touches for my family in this project, and your artistic eye and beautiful artistry in installation and finish!!

Stylistically, our plank floor can be paired with fixtures and furnishings that span industrial and rustic to elegant and refined. While many of our customers, both residential and commercial, choose this style of floor for its strength, durability and visual appeal, no two can ever be the same! Your floor will have an undeniable history and becomes a personal work of art that cannot be duplicated.

Often cost per square foot of new flooring vs. reclaimed wood is compared. There is a fundamental flaw in this comparison. Modern commercial flooring products have evolved so much that these products do not resemble real organic wood anymore. Luxury laminates are just that, a laminate, a high density fiberboard with a thickness of 2mm to 8mm. Our Rock Elm plank floor is virgin growth timber, aged wood, milled to a standard ¾” thickness. There is no comparing it to fiberboard veneer. Additionally, contrary to marketing ads, luxury laminate does dent and scratch. Cleaning and maintaining any floor, including our timber frame plank floor, is as easy as mild soap and water. There really is no comparison for the look and feel of natural, aged wood vs. modern commercial flooring products.

When incorporating reclaimed, salvaged wood into your project, the cost savings is long-term. Consider this - many of our new house construction customers amortize construction costs, including the flooring, over the life of their mortgage. The flooring you choose is an integral part of construction, much like framing materials, windows, insulation, roof, etc. Good decisions on the front end eliminate additional costs and inconveniences in the future.

When you use our Rock Elm plank floor, it never loses fashion and fad, never needing to be replaced, timeless. You have created an heirloom that is valued by generations. An heirloom that appreciates in value is always the best investment!

Our Rock Elm flooring ALWAYS makes a statement!

Interested in getting floored? Call our office, 920.232.6666! We look forward to working with you!!