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Sustainable Commercial Remodel

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In our corner of the world, vision, passion and determination come together everyday. Whether your project calls for a girls DIY weekend or a large scale architectural reconstruction, working together throughout the community to create places and pieces of value remains Crescent Moon Antiques and Salvage most cherished ideal. In repurposing reclaimed, salvaged architectural antiques, we have come to appreciate the memories and legacies that community and dreamers create. The authenticity and historic nature of our products provoke the imagination for their form and function.

Just a hop, skip and jump away to another corner of the world will lead you to the recently renovated Darboy Corner Store, a US Oil gas station, convenience store and deli. Working with Patti, owner and operator, visionary extraordinaire, and her small posy of caring, hard working staff to incorporate architectural material into their business space was such a treat! The character, comfort and genuity of the end product reflects the dedication to Patti’s vision and the power that old-growth lumber, natural aged wood, antique patina-ed ceiling tin and rusted corrugated metal bring to one’s project. The Darboy Corner Store-Rosebud Deli dream of creating a down to earth, warm and professional atmosphere for their customers involved an affordable and compassionate process of choosing material to design the space and then some. Incorporating our salvaged Rock Elm blanks, floor joists, whitewashed shiplap, roof boards, tin ceiling, corrugated metal barn roof and chalkboard slate into the Darboy establishment created a beautiful and rich environment for all ages of customers to purchase handmade, proudly prepared deli foods and hit the road again or rest leisurely at the salvaged Rock Elm lumber counter. It is notable to mention that the deli is affectionately named Rosebud, for Patti’s parents Rose and Bud. Feel the love?

Encouraging and empowering fellow small businesses (and the weekend warriors) to appreciate and utilize hidden treasures from within the skeletons of local and national architecture preserves the history of community and builds a unique, lasting, sustainable culture.

Written by Nya Karner, Freelance Writer