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Flooring Timber Frame Plank

Naturally organic, and bursting with character without any effort, the collage of old wood is always a masterpiece, inspired by mother nature’s true beauty
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Product Description:
Timber Frame Plank Floor
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Like your favorite worn pair of jeans, our timber frame plank floor arouses a casual, worn feel woven with history and infused with collective memories. Stylistically, our timber frame plank floor can be paired with fixtures and furnishings that span industrial and rustic to elegant and refined. While many of our customers, both residential and commercial, choose this style of floor, no two can ever be the same! And like those favorite pair of old jeans, our timber frame plank floor is a personal work of art that cannot be duplicated.

Timber framing is the symbol of the quintessential American Barn. These centuries old post and beam structures are built from American hardwoods with characteristic hand-crafted mortise and tenon pockets, often held together with hand-chiseled wood pegs. When salvaging these structures, we take great care and pride in disassembling each post and beam timber to ensure the preservation of the wood, as well as our American history.

Once dismantled, the timber frame barn yields mixed hardwood posts, beams and timbers of varying sizes, from 6 x 6 and smaller, to 10 x 10 and larger. This material is then sorted, good from bad, stacked and transported to our yard where it is then unloaded, inspected, sorted, stacked, demetaled and restacked with “stick”ers between each layer of beam. , this material is then sawn into flooring blanks

When your floor decisions are finalized, this material is trimmed and sawn into flooring blanks, kiln-dried and milled into conventional standards of tongue and groove flooring, including relief grooves on the underside specific to your design. The characteristic mortise and tenon pockets, wood pegs, peg holes, and checking become part of your floor. When installed, these time-honored characteristics are Dutchman patched to create a solid surface, work of art floor.

Your flooring surface detail choices include circle-sawn, band-sawn and/or skip-planed in requested percentage or smooth-face with boards in random widths or single select width.

Antique woods are a sustainable, ecological choice, using existing wood in your project and saving new living trees. Salvaged posts, beams and timbers are historical, centuries old, virgin growth timber making it fundamentally stronger and more durable than new wood. Naturally organic, and bursting with character without any effort, the collage of old wood is always a masterpiece, inspired by mother nature’s true beauty.

Often cost per square foot of new flooring vs. reclaimed wood is compared. There is a fundamental flaw in this comparison. Modern commercial flooring products have evolved so much that these products do not resemble real organic wood anymore. Luxury laminates are just that, a laminate, a high density fiberboard with a thickness of 2mm to 8mm. Our timber frame plank floor is virgin growth timber, aged wood, milled to a standard ¾” thickness. There is no comparing it to fiberboard veneer. Additionally, contrary to marketing ads, luxury laminate does dent and scratch. Cleaning and maintaining any floor, including our timber frame plank floor, is as easy as mild soap and water. There really is no comparison for the look and feel of natural, aged wood vs. modern commercial flooring products.

When incorporating reclaimed, salvaged wood into your project, the cost savings is long-term. Consider this - many of our new house construction customers amortize construction costs, including the flooring, over the life of their mortgage. The flooring you choose is an integral part of construction, much like framing materials, windows, insulation, roof, etc. Good decisions on the front end eliminate additional costs and inconveniences in the future. When you use our timber frame plank floor, it never loses fashion and fad, never needing to be replaced, timeless. You have created an heirloom that is valued by generations. An heirloom that appreciates in value is always the best investment!

With our commitment to preserving history and heritage, working with you, we will create your one-of-a-kind art floor. Some of the unique factors to consider as we work together are:
1) the percentage of timber frame characteristics
2) surface texture - the percentage of rough sawn, skip-plane, smooth
3) percentage of identifiable patina such as nail and peg holes, checking, staining, etc
4) board widths
5) creative patterns such as borders, inserts, full floor designs, etc
Your art floor will be timeless!

Thank you for considering the preservation of our salvaged timber frame material for your plank floor project! We can usually create our timber frame plank floor for $5.85 to $7.20 per square foot. Please contact us to make this floor for you!

Product Disclaimers:
It is expected that reclaimed material may include characteristic defects such as checking, hewn marks, wane, nail and peg holes, mortise pockets, powder post beetle holes, spalting, staining, circle/band saw marks, etc.