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Art Deco Stained Glass Window

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Product Description:
Art Deco, sometimes referred to Style Moderne, a period originating in 1920, was a direct about-face aesthetically and philosophically to the Art Nouveau style and to the broader cultural phenomenon of modernism. During WWI, Art Nouveau began to fall out of fashion as many critics felt the elaborate detail, delicate designs, often expensive materials and production methods of the style were ill-suited to a challenging, unsettled, and increasingly more mechanized modern world. The Art Deco aesthetic emphasized machine-age streamlining and sleek geometry, as characterized by the straight line geometry in this Deco-period stained glass window.

While there are several cracks, as seen in the overall photo, this is a SOLID, not fragile, nor rickety window. Presently, it hangs from it's original wood sash frame by two eye hooks.

The original wood sash frame containing the stained glass window measures 23 7/8" W x 19" H x 1 3/8". The stained glass window itself measures approximately 20" W x 14" H.

Antique stained glass windows can easily be incorporated into any multitude of projects. From simply adding eye hooks and hanging in a window, to building them into the interior of a new construction (or renovation) allowing the gorgeous colors and light to pass from one area to another.

Quality antique stained glass windows are getting fewer and farther between. The variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and quality of antique glass in harmony with the art and craftsmanship of building a stained glass window are superb, a great investment!
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