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Rock Elm Charcuterie Board -000

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Product Description:
Not your ordinary Charcuterie Board, Breakfast Board, Sunday Brunch Board, Bagel Board, Bounty Board, Bread Board, Pastry Board, Sandwich Board, Meat and Cheese Board

Many, many hands over time brings this heirloom board to you. Those who originally felled the mighty tree, built the structure and maintained it. This lumber is recovered from early settlers' barns massive main carrier beams, circa 1840 - 1860. Their lives, their memories. And those who disassembled the structure, handled the wood, de-metaled it, rough sawed it and created new uses, such as flooring, cladding, furniture, cabinetry, shelving...

AND this single board, worked entirely by hand, including the hand-rubbed finish!

This one-of-a-kind, heirloom piece is made from Rock Elm, salvaged from a midwest antique barn. We specifically hunt for this rare wood species in areas the groves once grew, North of the snow-belt. After salvaging the entire barn, the rock elm carrier beams and sleeper beams are de-metaled by hand, then sawn into blanks. These specific boards were set aside because of their extremely rare and beautiful spalting, then air dried and rotated bi-annually for about 7 years, finally kiln-dried. Purposefully created with full depth handmade bow ties tying the boards together, creating versatility on both sides for arrangements, and artful display when not in use. The natural, subtle contouring of the wood was embraced and sculpted to create a board which accommodates wet and dry foods, meats and cheeses, a very important detail that is missed in common, everyday manufactured and hand-made boards on the market today.

Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner, common and readily available, was used to best facilitate care into the future. Some cloudy wax may still be visible in tiny depressions but will disappear with use and handwashing. It is recommended the board be washed by hand using a gentle brush. Characteristic spalting, holes, voids, checks and knots are stabilized with food safe application to ensure easy clean up. Additional powder-post beetle tracks will be revealed with regular washing. This is common and adds to the character and beautiful patina of age.

The artist that created each board in our collection has a ridiculous amount of hours, starting with the monumental task of salvaging the barns where this lumber is culled. Each piece in this collection is completely unique, and cannot be duplicated. The artist’s work is seen in all its forms in some of the finest luxurious vacation homes throughout the Midwest.

This board is naturally organic, and bursting with character without any effort, the collage of old wood is always a masterpiece, inspired by mother nature’s true beauty. It represents a slice of history and generations of memories. Cherish it! Add to its history and memories!

The artist's coal fire brand can be added per your request to your 1 of 1 board for historical provenance. (see photo)

Measurements: 11” W x 29 1/2" L x 3/4"

Contact us from our homepage if you would like a custom charcuterie board. Collaboration on design, wood species, size, budget, etc

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