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Kramers Best Antique Improver - Blemish Clarifier - Wood Food Oyl

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Product Description:
Kramer's Best Antique Improver is hand formulated from 14 all-natural ingredients, this one product--wiped on with a soft cloth, allowed to stand 5-15 minutes, then wiped dry with a clean cloth--literally puts more life and beauty back into your fine pieces than you ever thought possible. Use it as your maintenance product instead of polishes and sprays, or to reverse damage.

Modern treatments containing petroleum products, silicones, tung oil or lemon oil, may improve appearance temporarily, but contain nothing that gives lasting improvement. Kramer's Antique Improver restores natural finishes-paint, lacquer, varnish, shellac. It cleans, brightens and clarifies the finish, helps heal checking, hazing, cracking, and rebonds the finish. Most important-the improvement is long-lasting. In fact, it continues to improve even more over time as the natural ingredients restore life and beauty to the finish and the wood.

It also restores and improves the appearance and value of the metal of old tools, toys, tins, etc.

Blemish Clarifier is also available...a powerful deep cleaner. It penetrates deeply, never damaging wood or raising the grain. For use on deep stains, grease, oil, wax build-up or heavily damaged finishes. Cleans rust and heavy encrustations!

Wood Food Oyl available, too...use on any wood that will be in contact with food. Restores and protects your butcher blocks, salad bowls, cutting boards from repeated use and washing. Safest natural ingredients.

SOLD in-store only:

1/2 pint Antique Improver, $19.95
1 pint Antique Improver, $38.95
1 QT Antique Improver, $69.95
1/2 pint Blemish Clarifier, $19.95
3 oz. Wood Food Oyl, $12.95
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